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Outstanding Oahu Attractions For Every Budget And Lifestyle

Hawaii is a state that is rich in history, culture and beauty. When vacationing in Oahu there are many unusual and interesting activities that should not be missed. Certain Oahu attractions offer families a one-of-a-kind experience that will never be forgotten. Those visiting the captivating state of Hawaii may wish to consider the following:

Iolani Palace

Anyone with even a slight interest in history will want to make time for a trip to the Iolani Palace. Constructed in 1882 during King David Kalakaua’s reign, the palace is a National Historic Site. It is the regarded by many historians as the only royal residence in America and was also the site of the Revolution of 1893, when a group of local shop owners overthrew Queen Lilioukalani’s rule.

The Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is one of the most interesting and educational attractions on the island. Along with the celebrated Hawaiian luaus, the center offers palm tree climbing, musical performances and authentic Hawaiian fare.

Dole Plantation

A visit to the famous Dole Plantation belongs on every family’s list of Oahu attractions. Here, visitors can stroll through the largest garden maze in the world, ride the “Pineapple Express” throughout the spectacular grounds or take a full-length garden tour of the entire plantation.

Oahu Beaches

The most visited area of Oahu is the island’s beach district, which draws vacationers from all over the world each year. These alluring and beautiful beaches line the island’s shore on all sides and many visitors spend the day beach hopping to find evidence of extinct volcanoes or thriving coral reefs. Vacationers can also participate in one of the many water sports for which Oahu is famous or simply relax in the sunshine.

Pacific Whaling Museum and Sea Life Park

Many families consider a visit to the Pacific Whaling Museum and Sea Life Park the educational experience of a lifetime. The attraction’s dolphin trainer program offers families a behind the scenes glimpse of dolphin training at its finest and visitors are allowed to feed and touch each dolphin. The park is also home to a 300,000-gallon aquarium filled with thousands of different species of marine life.

Many individuals consider a visit to Hawaii their dream vacation and those lucky enough to make their dream come true will remember their experience forever. Oahu attractions can be found to suit any budget or lifestyle and a spectacular vacation awaits those who travel to this beautiful tropical paradise.