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Explore the Rich History of the Gulf at Museums of Doha

Located along the Persian Gulf, Doha is the capital city of Qatar and one of the fastest developing cities in the region. It has seen an unprecedented growth in the recent years with an influx of tourists and visitors that continue to flood its shores looking for an Arabian experience. Doha is home to the Education City and hosts the Doha Debates, which brings the best minds of the Arabic world together to brainstorm the political and economic issues of the region. It is also famous for its numerous sheesha cafes which serve fruit-flavoured hookas along with sumptuous Middle Eastern cuisines.

Even with leaps towards economic growth, Doha has preserved its cultural heritage and the best way to see its many museums that feature these, is by car rental that lets you beat the heat while enjoying your vacation. One of the most prominent museums here is the Al Khor Museum located in a suburb north of the city. This two storey building along the Croniche, overlooking the sea, is home to anthropological and archaeological finds of the area. The displays range from artefacts from Neolithic and Bronze Age to modern culture of Qatar, including its pearl and dhow-building industries of the recent past. Each of the floors constitutes of twelve by six meter large halls and holds some marine life and marine excavation displays too. The most famous section here is the display of the myth surrounding Ghilan and Mae, who were from Al Khor and were said to be the first female pirates of the Gulf.

There are some other museums here that are worth a visit too if you are looking to gain a better understating of Qatar’s rich cultural heritage. In order to be able to cover all the museums of Doha with ease and comfort, a car rental service is the best advised option. The Museum of Islamic Art is a must visit for history buffs for its exquisite and extensive display of artefacts from Muslim dynasties that ruled Asia, Europe and Africa, including the Al-Thani dynasty. The Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art displays artwork from modern artists of the Arab world and the Museum of Orientalists has a spectacular collection of over 700 pieces of paintings, drawings, water colours and prints dating back to the 18th century.

The Al Wakrah Museum is dedicated to displays surrounding natural history and marine life of the region. The Weaponry Museum houses ancient 16th to 18th century weapons including ceremonial swords, gold-cased daggers and khanjars. The Sheikh Faisal Collection is a private collection of the Al-Thani sheiks which include significant archaeological findings, Islamic manuscripts, ancient carpets, embroidery, textiles and antique furniture along with historic cars and a steam vehicle from the 19th century.