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Bird Watching Tours

If you want to take your bird watching hobby further afield then you may be wish to travel somewhere known for its variety of bird species. Although it may be tempting to plan and organise a your own holiday an organised bird watching tour may be a better alternative.

Many travel companies offer nature holidays including bird watching tours and it may work out cheaper than planning the holiday yourself as the tour operator can get group discounts to attractions and nature parks. By paying for everything up front you will find budgeting easier – there is nothing worse than running out of money half way through a holiday so you can’t do everything you planned to.

A tour company will have a planned itinerary and pre-booked visits to bird parks, nature reserves and other attractions which means you can save time for bird watching. They will also know the best time to visit places to ensure you see the most birds.

Most tours will be led by a local guide who will also act as a translator and he or she will know the area well as well as understand the customs and culture of the local people. Having a knowledge of local wildlife habitats means you may spot some rare birds that you would miss by yourself. They will also have built up good relationships with local tourist attractions so you can get access to places that you would not be able to if you were travelling alone.

By booking with a reputable holiday company you will be insured so that if anything does go wrong you won’t have to find yourself making your own way home. Do check the credentials of the company before you book and take out extra insurance to cover sickness and anything else not covered with the tour operator.

A bird watching holiday is also a great opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts so you can share knowledge and tips. If you’re worried about travelling alone then a bird watching holiday is ideal for you.

Remember when you are away to respect the environment you are in as well as the local people’s culture. There are responsible travel companies that offer eco-friendly holidays to minimise the damage that tourism can do to the environment.

Wherever you go take some time before hand to learn about the species of birds you are likely to see and if there are any that you particularly want to spot then ask your tour operator about customised trips; a small company will often be more than willing to accommodate your requests.