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Enjoy Bird Watching Tours to Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

If you want to experience the untouched wilderness in Ecuador, then consider exploring Yasuní National Park. It is situated between the provinces of Pastaza and Orellana in the northeastern part of Ecuador. The wildlife reserves covers an area of 2.5 million acres, roughly disturbed into wetlands, swamps, marshes, lakes, rivers and dry land forests.

In 1979, Yasuní National Park was declared an UNESCO International Biosphere and today, it is considered to be one of the most bio-diverse regions in the entire world. In order to explore its rich biodiversity, wildlife lovers from different pockets of the world visit this place. The park is home to around 170 mammals, 560 fish species, 300 different reptiles and amphibian creatures. Besides these, tourists will find more than 1000 varieties of plant species in this jungle.

Apart from wild plants and animals, Yasuní National Park is an abode for more than 600 different species of birds. As such, bird watching is the most interesting activity in this park. Tourists take pleasure to trek trees and bushes and explore the hidden nests of birds like Barred Hawk, Wattled Guan, Plumbeous Pigeon, Lyre-tailed Nightjar etc. Other than tourists, this bird watching destination is highly visited by Ornithologists who deals with studying the life and behavior of different bird species.

Bird watching in Yasuni National Park is not possible all round the clock. There are specific timings when birders can easily encounter some exotic birds in the forest. Therefore, it is wise enough to seek help from local guides who have in-depth knowledge about the suitable time and places for bird watching. If you are interested to experience wilderness at the fullest, then you can contact the tour operators in Ecuador. They will help you get the best tour guides during your wildlife tour in the Ecuador.

Besides providing expert naturalist guides, some tour operators in Ecuador offer bird watching tour packages including major birding destinations like Mindo, Podocarpus National Park, Cuyabeno National Park and other places. Apart from offering bird watching in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, the tour operators also provide chance to come across some endemic birds of the Galapagos Islands.

If you prefer to get connected with the tour operators in Ecuador, then start searching their authentic websites over the Internet. It will take a few minutes to find their informative websites updated with information about jungle lodges in Ecuador, bird watching tour packages and other relevant information, which you may require to have before planning your tour program.

So, get set to contact the tour operators in Ecuador and plan for bird watching tours to Yasuni National Park with your loved ones!