- Camping

Essential Camping Gear and Equipment

You have some days off. You want to get rid of the town you are used to, you want to get away from the same house you live in, you want to do something to get rid of the routine, you want to feel a bit adventurous and take matters into your own hands. You feel like you want to go camping. You have decided that, you have the weekend off or maybe you took a short vacation from work and you have chosen the perfect spot for camping. But something is missing. Camping should be planned from A to Z taking into consideration unpredictable situations. Even if something bad may not occur, it is best to be cautious, better be safe than sorry, that’s my motto when it comes to camping.

You haven’t been camping for some time now or maybe you haven’t camped in your whole life. There is no need to panic or feel ashamed, there are just a few tips and tricks that you need to know and you have to bring with you some gear and equipment fit for camping, (it is more for your own safety) in no time you will get used to this and camping will come naturally.

What are the essential things that you should bring with you?

Let’s start with the beginning. You need a tent. You have to check for the tent`s capacity. How many persons will come with you? If you are a family, you should choose a tent in accordance with the number of your family members. If you camp by yourself you can pick a standard tent that has the capacity of two persons; this way you have more space for yourself. Of course, if the weather allows it, you can just bring a sleeping bag with you, but it might prove to be uncomfortable.

Don`t forget to buy a big backpack. The backpack is practical and make sure to choose a backpack that is spacious because all that you carry with you will be put in that backpack. Don’t travel with too many things, just take what is essential. You don`t need to stuff your entire house in a backpack because in the end you will find yourself lacking useful things, you cannot start a fire with a lipstick or a trendy locket.

What you should carry?

When it comes to clothes you must always carry with you-at all times- a waterproof jacket. The weather can be moody and a waterproof jacket is light and doesn’t occupy too much space. A waterproof jacket can make the difference between being soaking wet and then catching a cold or being warm and enjoying the rain, knowing it will end soon. Being prepared for every scenario possible gives you a good vibe and it makes you enjoy even the nasty weather.

If you have picked a mountainous area for a camping site make sure to bring along some resistant boots because they`ll keep you warm and they`ll help you climb mountains without slipping in the mud and spraying your ankle.

When it comes to gadgets you can either pick a compass that will point you the right direction or if you camp in a more travelled area you can always bring along any gadget that supports the GPS system. Make sure to have a pocket knife with you and a box of matches.