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Experience Bird Watching in Puerto Rico

A favorite destination among tourists from all parts of the world, Puerto Rico offers limitless opportunities for your vacation needs. Whether you are a beach person who wants to experience some of the country’s best beaches or an adventurer who wants to go hiking in forests, or a food lover who is on the look for the best Caribbean cuisine, this country has everything lined up for you. However, if you want to experience something new in this country, then you might want to try bird watching.

Blessed with the perfect climate, this country is an ideal spot for watching bird activity. There are more than 50 varieties of birds in this country and some of them are natives in the island. There are various places where one can experience bird watching such as Cabo Rojo Recreational Area located in the southwest part of this country. The place also has endangered species of birds. Aside from this activity, Cabo Rojo Recreational Area also offers a beautiful place for swimming because it has an amazing white sand beach.

The Puerto Rican Amazon – the lone native parrot in this country, is considered by most people as the highlight of bird watching activity in the island. It is regarded as extremely endangered specie of bird, in fact there are only 44 Amazon that exists to date.

Bird watching can be done all throughout the island of Puerto Rico. If you want to see the beautiful birds of Puerto Rico, make sure to include bird watching to your vacation itinerary.