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Belize – A Central American Gem

The idea of a Central American or Caribbean vacation is one that attracts a lot of people, but many of these same individuals hate the idea of being funneled into some lame tourist trap. The good news is that Belize remains a truly unspoiled vacation location, and one that offers the white sandy beaches and amazing diving opportunities of the Caribbean, as well as the jungle exploration, cave tubing, and natural beauty of Central America.

Belize has a lot to offer. Their Mayan ruins are only second to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula (and just barely), while the beaches are full of white sand and amazingly void of annoying tourists. There are many nature preserves individuals can visit, as well as some of the best diving in the entire world – much less just North America. Belize’s barrier reef is famous, and on land cave tubing is becoming a very popular way to get a natural rush from riding the river right through large cave systems.

Belize also enjoys a very laid back lifestyle. You won’t find vendors harassing every step you take, or people in a huge rush to get who knows where. The calm and relaxed way natives of Belize enjoy life is pervectly conducive to a relaxing vacation.

While Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Cancun might get a lot more attention, these tourist traps also have all the negatives that go with a heavily tourist exploited area. If you want to find a place that really is a hidden gem, then take a serious look at vacation in Belize.