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Enjoy Bird Watching on Tailor Made Holidays to the Faroe Islands

If you are looking for a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and see some beautiful scenery and exciting wildlife in the process then look no further than the Faroe Islands.

This small archipelago is situated in the Gulf Stream, providing a rich environment for all manner of marine and bird life to thrive in.

When you head off on tailor made holidays to this destination, you can look forward to breathtaking scenery, small, peaceful villages and plenty of opportunities to go out and see a wide range of wildlife.

Bird watching is one of the primary attractions for many people who visit here and with approximately 300 different species found on the islands throughout the year, you will not be disappointed.

Colonies of puffins, guillemots, gulls and kittiwakes live on the cliffs and on certain islands, you will find birds such as gannets and storm petrels in large numbers.

In fact, the gannet colonies found on Mykines are stunning and you could spend hours watching these beautiful creatures as they soar above the waves and dive in to catch fish.

Boat trips are available that will take you to see some of the bird colonies that can be found on this group of islands – or you could content yourself with a walk along some of the cliffs, stopping as you go to get out your binoculars and see what birds you can spot.

You are likely to be just as taken by the scenery as you are the wildlife on your Faroe Island holidays, with the highest sea cliffs in the world found on these remote outcrops.

And if you want a break from bird watching, you could find that the heritage of these islands is equally fascinating.

You will notice that many of the buildings have grass roofs, a practice which dates back to the time of the Vikings when they first colonised the islands.

The capital of Torshavn on Streymoy is certainly worth visiting during your stay. Known for being the smallest capital in the world, it has a varied history and you may find that a trip to the Faroese Museum of History can give you a greater insight into times gone by.