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Things to See on Your Holidays in Belize

Bounties of treasures await the visitors of Belize. It is well said by those who have gone there that Belize is an adventurer’s paradise. It is on the Caribbean coast and just two hours away from 3 major U.S. gateways. It has rich wildlife, majestic mountains, mysterious Maya temples, and diving and fishing experiences.

One of the many attractions of Belize includes the Cays. Cays are islands that are located between the mainland and the barrier reef perimeters of the offshore atolls. The mangrove cays serve as a shelter of the many birds, fish shellfish, and marine organisms. The island cays, on the other hand, have provided the foundation for the development of many fine resorts to cater for the water sports enthusiasts and the marine naturalists.

One of the popular cays includes the famous CAE Caulker, second-most popular to the Ambergris CAE- the La Isla Bonita from Madonna’s song. It is located on the Caribbean coast of Belize in Central America. It is considered as a magnet for mid range travellers looking to detach themselves from the world.

Belize is also a haven for those who love fishing. All kinds of fishing can be experienced there. The estuaries, inlets and mouths to the many rivers are known for their tarpon, snook and jack. The lagoons and flats are known for the bone fish, permit and barracuda.

The coral reefs support grouper, snapper, jack and barracuda while the deeper waters off the drop off are home to sailfish, marlin, bonito and pompano. Belize also has 20 major river systems and smaller streams that provide outdoor adventures for the kayak and canoe lovers. It is also an excellent way to bird watch and view wildlife.

There are also many caves in Belize. It is an ideal location for the formation of caves because caves are a common feature in the landscape of Belize. The caves include the Che Chem Ha Cave, Rio Frio Cave, St Herman Cave, Barton Creek Cave, Ben Loman Cave and the Actun Tunichi Muknal Cave.

Though there are thousands of caves in Belize for some reason, one of which includes the protection of the caves archaeological significance many of the caves are closed to public exploration.

Golf courses are also abundant in Belize. Not to mention the Cave Chapel Island Resort Golf Course, it is located just off shore from Belize City on a cave that was developed for the very purpose of golfing and relaxation.

The Maskall Golf course Lodge, located in the Belize District, has a nine-hole jungle setting. As a country whose history is rooted from the Mayan civilization, Belize is also known from its place Cayo. It is a 1500 square mile district that encompasses a good portion of the Maya Mountains and has more than its fair share of ancient Maya sites.