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Eurail Pass Italy Guide

Crave a slice of La Dolce Vita? Whatever your passion, there’s plenty of “The Sweet Life” in Italy to go around. Food enthusiasts can tour ancient markets, sampling heavenly food and drink. Culture hounds can flock to the wonders of Pompeii, Rome and Florence. Hopeless romantics will find heaven on Earth in Venice and Lake Como. And beach bums are spoiled for choice on Italy’s glorious coasts, which still leaves amazing shopping, scenic countryside and pleasant weather for the rest of us!

Most travelers to Italy make short hops within the Milan-Venice-Florence-Rome circuit. For these trips, it’s cheaper to buy point-to-point tickets in Italy as you travel. Do the math with our ticket-cost map on this page. Fares shown on the map include reservations where required for the fastest trains. Slower, unreserved trains can be cheaper. If you’re buying your ticket at a major train station plagued with long lines, try the automated ticket machines instead. Or, you can buy tickets at major travel agencies in city centers. During the summer, it’s worthwhile to spring for first class for its smaller crowds and better air conditioning.

Italy is one of the most amazing places to see in Europe due to its one of a kind landscapes, fine cuisine and some of the finest art in the world. The Italians love to make a fuss of visitors and this is particularly evident when eating out. Head for a trattoria, rather than an expensive restaurant and you’ll be rewarded with a great experience. The food is fantastic, as is the wine. Try some red Chianti Classico if you want some great local wine, made in the Tuscany region.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Italy and remember to keep your personal belongings close because Italy is also know for its pick pockets. If you follow that guideline you will have no problems because other than that, crime in Italy is so low there is almost nothing to worry about.