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Freeport Bahamas – Paradise Revisited

Stunning! This is what comes forth from the tourists visiting one of the most picturesque places on planet earth. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches, Freeport Bahamas is worth visiting and then cherishing the moments forever. Crystal clear waters, palm lined shores and enchanting coral reefs are what defines Bahamas vacation for you. Of particular mention are the Xanadu beach and the Paradise cove because of their isolated landscape. This is the very feature that makes these beaches particularly attractive for the tourists as they are able to savor the moments of solitude with themselves. There are host of other activities which make Bahamas a grand tourist destination to arrive at.

Visiting Freeport Bahamas is, simply put, an out of the world experience. The beaches are desolated due to the excessively hot summer months, which makes visiting them more of a problem than any thing else. So, it is advised to visit the place in more favorable months when it rains and makes the atmosphere somewhat pleasant. For the adventure seekers, there are innumerable activities to do, or one can simply lie on the beach watching the sailing boats go by. Besides, there are multiple activities in which one can participate like bingo, scavenger huts and many more. In Freeport Bahamas, one can visit Paradise Cove which is another breathtaking place complete with rocks lining the coastline. What sets it apart form other places in Bahamas is its thick white sand and the coral reefs which are definitely enchanting.

Endless activities await one at Freeport Bahamas including jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving etc. One can also participate in kayaking, biking, horseback riding, hiking, fishing and other interesting activities which keep you enthralled. Avoid the summer months as the temperature can be extremely stifling for travelers and instead opt for the more pleasant month of spring. While in Bahamas, you can either snorkel or scuba dive amongst some of the enchanting coral reefs thriving in marine life. Charges are relatively affordable for the tourists visiting the place about which the details can be accessed from hotel you are putting in. For $35, it includes the 20 mile bus trip to the place and back. You will also be provided with snorkeling gear, lunch and an access to the beach from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Now comes the accommodation part. Royal Islander Hotel is nice accommodation to begin the tour and a pool, bar and a restaurant are its attractive features. The room prices are rather cheap by any means and are only charged $38 a night. Other lovely hotels in Lucaya such as Sheraton at ‘Our Lucaya’ and Westin at ‘Our Lucaya’ can also be approached for their class facilities. As far as the pubs are concerned they are few in number and it is better to try some of the good restaurants at Freeport. In Port Lucaya, the food is simply superb and the location on the bay, rather nice. The atmosphere is quite soothing for the nerves of tired souls and the prices are rather modest by any means. Freeport Bahamas is also famous for Sire’s bar and restaurant which are excellent in standard and maintenance. Ambience at the bar is cozy and the moods are lifted once the night music session begins. So, be prepared to come face to face with pristine nature, which is a lifetime experience for most of the tourists.