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Fishing – Tips and Techniques for Catching Northern Pike

I’ll start by stating the obvious which is that tips for catching Pike are hardly necessary. Northern pike are famous for their willingness to go after pretty much anything. This is especially true of smaller pike as they have a very diverse diet which includes everything from small minnows and bugs to frogs and each other. It’s almost as if Pike challenge themselves to eat the biggest possible thing they can get their mouth around. Bigger pike are a little more discerning but will still generally attack almost any type of lure and bait. Many Ontario fishing stores will stock a large variety of lures.

Pretty much any decent Ontario fishing lake will have plentiful pike stocks. The best Ontario fishing lakes will have many bays and extensive weed beds where the smaller ones are usually found. Northern Pike are very patient predators but smaller ones must always be wary of being eaten themselves. Larger pike will hang out more towards the edge of the weed beds where they feed primarily on the walleye cruising along the edge of the weeds. Ontario fishing lodges often cater to fishermen looking to catch walleye but those same walleye spots are often good locations for catching big Pike.

Larger Pike will almost never feed on smaller minnows and frogs. They have to expend far too much energy on such a small meal. Their main food source is walleyes and other medium sized fish. Their favorite ambush spot is along a point leading into a bay but they will hang out pretty much anywhere there are walleye. Ontario fishing lakes that feature rocky points, shoals and islands are also great spots for catching big Pike as they lie in wait for their walleye prey.

Ontario fishing resources will often name a variety of lures that can be effective for catching Northern Pike but there are a couple particular ones that really stand out from the rest. Although Pike will bite on just about anything, red and silver and yellow “five-of-diamonds” daredevils are their favorites. Casting a daredevil into pockets along the edge of a weed bed is usually the most effective technique for catching Pike. Pike will also hit reliably on Rapalas, jigs and Thundersticks. Lure colour selection will vary with water clarity and conditions. Red and silver works best in clear water and in muddy or cloudy water the yellow “five-of-diamonds” is effective. Rattle baits also work well in cloudy or muddy water as the Pike are able to locate them by the sound.

It’s often recommended to be patient when chasing those big Pike. They will often go after your offering and hit and release several times before taking the bait. Pike are known to be aggressive and ultimately are unable to resist. There are numerous stories from Ontario fishing trips where fishermen have repeatedly caught the same Pike.